This is a sub-participation to construct a themed adventure park in Texas, to fund working capital, and to pay for soft costs associated with the loan. The company is seeking a $5mil USDA loan for the construction of a themed adventure park. The adventure park will neighbor with a waterpark, racing park, and another future theme park. Onsite activities will include the wave pool, zip lines, ropes courses, paddle boats, and an alligator habitat. The park will strategically partner with another company to coordinate all food and beverage sales for both parks. They will also rent the wave pool. The theme park is expected to host 175K-235K visitors annually and will run year-round activities. The company carries three personal guarantees & one corporate guarantee.

Loan ID 0103
DSCR 4.95
LTV 52.03
Note Rate 7.65
Property Location TX
NAICS 713110
Guaranty Type USDA
Loan Term 21 yrs
Rate type Var
Note date 02/26/2018
Maturity date 01/03/2039
Participation Availability Amount $216,426
Minimum Participation Amount $223,905
Original Loan Amount $487,500
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