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In order to view detailed loan information or to submit products to the exchange you must first apply for membership. Members will be contacted by a GCLXchange representative to ensure that only verified entities have access to sensitive loan information.

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  • you will be directed to a Personal Information page to verify your identity.  After you sign and submit the Personal Information page,
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  • all forms will be sent to GCL for verification.  We will notify you when your membership is finalized.

The use of the GCLXchange and various functions of the Website is limited to those organizations that have been accepted by Greater Commercial Lending as members.  Membership is limited to credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions in which the origination of commercial loans and/or acquisition of participations in commercial loans is a common business practice.  Other requirements and qualifications for membership may be imposed by Greater Commercial Lending at its discretion and may be applied on a subjective or objective basis.  All sales of participations are sales of loans or portions of loans and are not intended as securities.  All sales are subject to the terms of the applicable participation agreement between the buyer and seller of the applicable loan(s).

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